Month: October 2009

Fashion Stimulus for the Week: A Treat for the Men!


Happy Halloween y’all! To be true to the Halloween spirit of tricking or treating…I do have a treat for the guys! In order to get away from the ghoulish fashions out there, check out my fashion treat list of what’s hot in fashion for men this Fall. The ladies had their week, so now its your week. Dip into my bag of fashion goodies and select styles that apply to you this Fall. Don’t be tricked into outdated styles and fashion! Visit our Hot of the runway section for the Fall 2009 Fashion Closet Raid For Men


Fashion Stimulus Pack for the Week…

                                    asymmetric1leather jacketsMIL4open toe boots2ruffle3

Ready for a dose of your fashion views for the week…well its that time alright! Word out on the fashion front: Don’t be caught lacking this Fall without the fashion must haves blazing the runways! Many great pieces to choose from! Be in the know of what’s hot in the fashion arena today by perousing the Hot off the Runway section…its a Fall 2009 Fashion Closet Raid….


MIL3Up for a little polling….visit our Hot or Not section! Today we are evaluating a new fad! So my fashionistas out there take out your polling tools and lets get a-polling!!! On the poll block – Fall 2009 fashion must have: The Military Jacket!!!

What’s cooking this week…

wedding party2Gearing up to tie the knot anytime soon? Then this is your week! Or just interested in what’s up in the nuptial scene, grab a seat! Is it me or do you think wedding ceremonies are losing their sacred appeal and now becoming social determining tools of wealth and affluence! Are weddings becoming extra financial burdens on partners-to-be and could nuptial bliss really leave one bankrupt…visit our Blazing News N Views  sections I Now Pronounce You Bankrupt…



munaluchi cover pageAlso for our brides-to-be, it is important you check out our Hot Seat contender for the week! Are you a black bride with a passion for style and a love for culture, however you think your nuptial needs are not being met with exciting options out there…well rest your heavy heart! The Munaluchi Bridal magazine has it all! Visit our Hot Seat corner and meet the editor-in-chief and owner of the Munaluchi Bridal magazine, Jacqueline Nwobu.

Happy reading!!!

Fashion to the ‘T’!

Howdy my fashionistas…do I have treat for you!!! As they say, fashion makes the world go round! And it sure does so for today we’re all fashioned out:


Visit our Hot off the Runway section today and get acquainted with the new fashion sensation causing a stir on the runway. Still on the topic on how the African fabric is taking the fashion waves by storm. The RenéeQ Experience is our topic today. Not familiar with this…well don’t just sit there…be in the know, as AJ chats with Renée Q Boateng the  creator and designer of RenéeQ – The Every Woman.

Once you’re done getting acquainted, visit our Hot or Not section and state your verdict…HOT…or…NOT!