Month: November 2009

A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words…

This week we continue our journey into the clicks of our future…our photographic future, that is! Check out what’s blazing this week under our Blazing News & Views section as we take a look at the work of yet another photographic genius, as she transforms her artistic ability into lifetime masterpieces.

Behind every beautiful shot…there is an immense exposure of talent! We rely on photographers to transform our dreams into realities and our realities into dreams. Our next talented photographer is Nana Annan, creator of Moon Star Photography. Let’s explore her expressive genius: A Lens to the Future Part 2: Moon Star Photography .



camera-lens1Check out what’s blazing this week and the weeks to come under our Blazing News & Views section as we take a look at how photography is changing the professional landscape and providing young professionals an option where creativity meets drive.

True beauty sometimes eludes the naked eye, especially when it is buried under the routine schedule and shortcomings of life. However, it is usually through the lenses of the talented ones amongst us, that we are able to witness the definition of true beauty. Photographers are burdened with the task of transforming normal every day situations into alluring masterpieces. Join me each week as we visit the photography vision of a group of talented photographers. For this week we explore the expressive genius of Rodney QuarcooA Lens to the Future!