Month: December 2009

Merry Bliss n Jingle Bells

In the spirit of the Christmas/holiday seasons, I have a double deck writeup for you, like old times! First visit our Hot off the Runway section and meet our new Ghanaian enterpreneur who is making history in the fashion/make-up industry, an infant industry that has started to pick up speed. Meet Sacha Bruce Adjetey and her make-up power house SO Aesthetic as she perfects her Blush of Genius… Great gift ideas for loved ones!


Whiles we’re still on the topic of  great gift ideas, visit the Blazing News n Views section and see AJ’s posted Christmas wish list in a form of AJ’s 12 Days of Christmas! Merry Christmas to all!


A Fashion Masquerade Made Perfect!!!

Aya Morrison, a Hot contender on the Hot or Not hall of fame and a well known fashion brand to AJ’s Hot Spot audience has made headlines once again as she shut the Big Apple down with her fashion goodies just in time for the holiday season! Visit our Hot off the runway corner for sizzling, sexy and heart stopping footage of the Aya Morrison swimwear and fashion accessories collection runway show and launch! Be ready to be dazzled…and razzled by her also newly launched website. Still looking for great stocking stuffers for the festive season…well look no more because she’s got the stuff! Don’t take my word for it…find out yourself as Aya Morrison Takes the Fashion Capital By Storm

A Love Triangle of Talents!

Hey guys, this week we continue our review of photography and its noteworthy players. The spotlight is on the handiwork of Kwame Ohene-Adu. Please visit our Blazing News n Views section for a candid look into a modern love triangle between Kwame, his first love and his tempting mistress!
Can a man stay true to his chosen love while indulging in the lustful passion of his exotic mistress? Truth be told, there is such a thing called a fruitful equilibrium where the calling of two passions collide into a melting pot of blissful harmony! The end result: a genius worth marveling at! The genius of Kwame Ohene-Adu