Month: April 2010

Enough Will Power!!!

For this week, get your Double Dose of Will! :

Under our Hot off the Runway segment, meet a fresh young Ghanaian born, London based designer who has found his niche and is making fashion history. Will Mingle, fashion extraordinaire, is using his craft to bring sexy back for the 21st. century gentleman with his made to fit custom tailored suits. Solely for today’s gentleman who is craving style, class, sophistication and most importantly self! Are you in the market for that suit that speaks to your unique personality because it was made with you and only you in mind… well then proceed on to Experience the Mingle Effect!

One Will is profound but two can be sensational…

Visit our Cupid Corner and meet our other starring Will…the triple threat! It’s Nartey…., Will Nartey…. our single/personality of the week! Enjoy!


Grabbing the Bull by the Horns…

It is so refreshing to see our youth standing up for what is right and staking claim to what is rightfully theirs! A new phenomena of change is upon us and in order to harvest the fruits of success, it is necessary to make our voices heard, our thoughts overt and our solution known. As descendants of a developing nation and continent, it is necessary to join the critical mass of revolution that is helping to perpetuate the elements of successful change! We can do this by just DOING!… Let’s not be passive observers but active contributors. Let’s grab the bull by the horns!

The debate thickens as plans are underway for oil excavation in Ghana, which stands as a massive investment for Ghana, however, one can not help but wonder if our government is/ will be acting in the favor of our people. Today, our guest writer SS Quist, an in-house counsel for an international non-profit organization, lies down the stakes and challenges us as a people and our government to do what is right. Visit our Blazing News & Views section for this well-written opinion piece:  Kosmos Energy Apologizes to the Ghanaian government: So what?