Month: September 2010

Dial 1800 Shopaholics…

Are you in denial or you are just not sure where you stand with your shopping habits? Do you go into a frenzy when the thought of shopping comes up? Is your closet space a complete replica of a department store showroom? Does your heart race and your hairs stand on end when you see a sales catalog? Does the smell of Italian leather turn you on? If you answered yes to any of those questions….hmmmm….then we might have a shopaholic on our hands!!!!! But to be absolutely sure, visit our Hot off the Runway section  and see where you stand! How do you measure up against the true Confessions of a Shopaholic!


An African Remix

The economic fabric of Africa is gradually but surely seeing change…positive change in the most untraditional ways. Today’s entrepreneur is now appreciating the great potential media has in portraying the true essence of Africa. As a vessel of change, the CANOE Quarterly magazine is showcasing the hidden treasures of Africa through visual and editorial expression. Meet one of the brains behind this momentum of creativity and beauty. Visit our Hot off the Runway section and see how Sefa Gohoho and the CANOE team are Rewriting Africa’s Future….