Month: April 2011

Jumping the Broom…

Last Monday, I had the pleasure of attending a press dinner and movie screening in Atlanta, GA for the movie Jumping the Broom, and our guests of honor….wait for it…wait for it… the lovely Meagan Goode and eye candy Pooch Hall! Both among the star studded cast of this delightful comedy drama. This event was among the extensive promotional activities and events scheduled around the country as a precursor to the movie’s nationwide premiere in the cinema on May 6, 2011.

Apart from the movies’ award- winning cast including Angela Bassett, Loretta Divine, Paula Patton and Meagan Goode, coupled with promising upcoming talents like Pooch Hall (the Game), Romeo Miller (Lil Romeo), Laz Alonso and the comic geniuses of Mike Epps and DeRay Davis, there is a lot to marvel about. Its all black production team told the age old story of marital bliss or the lack there of in this tale of uptown meets downtown.- the merging of two African-American families – however the similarities end right there! As the families figure out how to cope with socioeconomic difference and diverse backgrounds; a whirlwind of family secrets, strained relationships and a tangled web of deceit threaten a happy matrimonial ending for the couple – the two who matter the most.

Press Dinner with Pooh Hall and Meagan Goode, stars of upcoming movie

Director Salim Akil brings to life the joys of when boy meets girl and the confusion of family dynamics. Throw in a school boy crush, a possible kruger situation, a festive medley of eye candy (shirtless men flexing muscles in a football challenge), an unlikely love connection, sibling rivalry, a dark family secret and a case of mama’s boy syndrome all set in a matrimonial paradise and you are guaranteed a must-see movie of the summer!

Be sure to check out Jumping the Broom on May 6, 2011, a TriStar Pictures production!