‘Transforming Dialogue into Initiatives’…

There is a revolution brewing…a new frontier…a new dogma… just in time for the changing upholstery of our African environment. We have discovered that power lies in numbers and we are taking strides to harness this power to redefine our future. Do you have what it takes to influence change; to grab the bull by the ‘you know where’ and make history happen? Then come be part of the foot soldiers of change: Become a member of The Ghana Global Professional Network (GhanaProNet).

‘The Ghana Global Professional Network (GhanaProNet) is a non-profit entity that aims to provide avenues and opportunities for social dialogue and network amongst Ghanaian professionals and friends of Ghana across the globe’ 

It is the brainchild of a group of intellectual Ghanaian professionals who identified the unique opportunity to convene the intellect, the influence, the desire and the ability of the young Ghanaian professionals in the diaspora by providing a platform/ forum of exchange to help leverage strengths, mindsets and personalities. GhanaProNet stands as a solution to the face to face vacuum that other social media platforms such as facebook, twitter, whatsup etc, have created. GhanaProNet is an extension of social interaction, however one that banks upon a face to face component.

GhanaProNet seeks to build and sustain a network of both professional Ghanaians and friends of Ghana, globally, collectively, to elevate our personal, social, and professional lives in numerous ways…. CEO GhanaProNet – Stephen Abebreseh

The vision of the organization is evident in its slogan, ‘Transforming Dialogue into Initiative’ and through its seven committees, members are allowed to hone in their skills and talents to support the goals and vision of GhanaProNet.

On October 14, 2012, join members of the GhanaProNet at their inaugural luncheon and find out how this organization is propelling change one professional at a time

For more information about GhanaProNet, its committees, members and events:

Visit us at GhanaProNet

Like us on Facebook 

Follow us at Twitter

Link with us at Linkedin  

As the old African saying goes, ” A single stick from a broom can easily be broken, however a broom as a whole can never be broken”. There is strength in numbers, join the Ghana Global Professional Network today and lets transform our future!


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