Cupids Corner

Hot Stuff!!! Cupid’s Corner

Dating in the 21st century can be very taxing because everyone has their long laundry list of deal breakers and standards they want to maintain. The old dating rules that we were all so well versed on are out the window and made ineffective in these aggressive dating times! The passive and weak at heart have no stake in the game. Its all about grabbing the bull by the ‘you know what’ and placing your cards on the table. There are a bucket load of great singles out there but not that many great  ways to meet them! Well, the HotSpot has just found a way…

Hot Spot with AJ has a new section called “Cupid’s Corner” that will feature hot singles/personalities all round the globe. Personalities worth meeting and getting to know. Cupid’s Corner is a fun, free and relaxed atmosphere to meet possible business partners, friends, lovers, colleagues and the whole works! Sound interesting…then proceed to meet the personality/ single of the month and see if Cupid is in your corner today!


Single of the week… to be updated soon!



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