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Here’s to the shakers and movers…the shot callers, the ballers in the business! Those who are getting their hustle on and making a difference in their environment or putting to use the talent that the Good Lord blessed them with! A toast to the tushie toasters…the bun blazers…


We all have dreams and aspirations  – however the one thing that takes us a step beyond dreaming to where our dreams become reality is  drive. A recipe for success is never lacking in drive, determination and passion. Our next Hot Seat contender is no stranger to this recipe. She identified a need within the African/black community and sought out to satisfy this need with her talents. A young mother, wife and entrepreneur, she is Jacqueline Nwobu – editor in chief and creator of the Munaluchi Bridal magazine. Jacqueline’s drive, innovative thinking and hard work has earned her place on today’s Hot Seat!


The Magazine:

 munaluchi cover pageMunaluchi Bridal provides a one-stop wedding sourcing resource for the African/black bride with a passion for style and a love for culture! Munaluchi bridal provides a comprehensive listing for your nuptial needs including photography, event planning, honeymooning spots, wedding couture etc. Also in an endless spread of real live weddings captured in true brilliance and style, our audience can experience matrimonial bliss and elegance through the vision of  featured Munaluchi brides.


The creator – Jacqueline Nwobu:


 (A brief chat with Jacqueline…)

 What is the idea behind the Munaluchi Bridal magazine?

 Munaluchi Bridal is a magazine catering to the stylish and cultural bride.  It is meant to be a one stop wedding resource for African brides.  There are many African girls here in the US that will find this resource helpful, whether it’s locating a top notch venue, a high-end designer, or finding a great seamstress.  The magazine also includes a vendor list called the Diamond Directory,  that includes high end vendors from all across the world, so the resource is not just limited to brides in the US. 


What inspired this idea?

 About three years ago I got married.  At that time I was looking for a resource just like this, but there was nothing like it on the market.  I found myself buying 3 to 4 bridal magazineS to get wedding ideas, yet none of them catered to a bride like myself. Instead, I had to rely on word of mouth or ask around to find a good DJ, seamstress, caterer, etc.  It was inevitable that a niche magazine like this was long overdue.


Where do you hope to see Munaluchi Bridal in the next 5 years?

 In the next 5 years I believe Munaluchi Bridal Magazine will have circulation in the millions. I expect it to be as mainstream as BRIDES magazine and the others like it.  Also, in the next 5 years I envision the magazine having several different editions catering to different regions, as well as a French language version. 


Where can one obtain a copy of Munaluchi Bridal?

 We recently finalized distribution channels.  The magazine will be available in Shoprite, Barnes N Noble, Borders, Walmart, and Target with more stores to be added in the near future. Before the magazine is stocked in these stores, it can be purchased online on the website,


 So planning a wedding, or know of someone who is planning to tie the knot or just curious about what’s new in wedding couture, purchase your copy of Munaluchi Bridal today and let us help you plan the beginning of the rest of your life! Here’s to Jacqueline and Munaluchi Bridal!


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