I am a Giant…Hear Me Roar!

What do you get when you convene industry leaders, talented professionals, aspiring students and insightful academia, with a common goal to promote candid dialogue and share information, to one of the most prestigious higher learning institutions in the country? You get the annual African Economic Forum!

The 8th Annual African Economic Forum is jointly being hosted by the SIPA Pan African Network (SPAN) at the School of International and Public Affairs, the African Business Club at the Graduate School of Business and the African Law Students Association at Columbia Law School

Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of this revolutionary event, as we, descendants of a rich culture, a strong people and a determined will find a voice to celebrate our predecessors, join our leaders and map our future!

This year’s conference, rightfully dabbed Roaring Giant: Africa’s Economic Ascent, will provide a forum to discuss and share possible challenges and opportunities stemming for Africa’s steady economic growth despite the recent global recession. Conference format will include a number of insightful panel discussions on various booming industries and interesting topics including entrepreneurship, women in leadership, film, private equity, fashion, healthcare, sports just to mention a few. During these panels, come meet, greet and pow-wow with exceptional experts, trail blazers and leaders within the different industries. Entertainment during the conference will include a high society fashion show showcasing lovely designs of upcoming and prominent African designers and a high profile gala dinner with concert event. For a more robust listing of panels, confirmed panelist, keynote speakers and for general conference information, visit http://aef2011.com/

And now a message from the conference organizers:

Africa has been hidden in the shadows for far too long! Come hear us roar as we re-ignite the burning torch of our ancestors!

Coolie High Cats…

The 1975 movie Cooley High, is story of a group of friends – a band of brothers – and their journey through life, overcoming obstacles, succumbing to mischief and through it all, building a stronger friendship. Well, this is our story… our Coolie High… – Midnight

With one common goal in mind, this lyrical duo found a unified voice in music and is preparing to take the music industry by storm! Their musical chemistry, consisting of the lyrical interpretation of Treasure Chest and the vocal talents of Midnight, provides a listening experience guaranteed to keep audiences bobbing their heads and to promote a different perspective of music.

As residents of Atlanta GA, Treasure Chest and Midnight, share common passions – growth and success – and have employed their music geniuses as possible outlets to achieve these. Their debut musical collaboration, Coolie High, is the cross roads and the meeting  of their different mindsets and music genres.

“The fun thing is that our minds work so differently but we end up meeting right in the middle”.

The Coolie High project is representative of innovative, yet natural music that appeals to all music lovers.

“We don’t try too hard to come up with music. ‘The creation of a song should not be forced. Expect something dope. Something your ear drums can thank you for. Something all the way coolie”.

The future is promising for this talented duo as they navigate their way up the musical ranks. Check out their debut musical collaboration… Coolie High.

The Prodigal Child Returns…

As dwellers in the Diaspora (for lack of a better word), there comes a point when one is faced with that decision to return to ones stomping grounds…a decision that for some, requires meticulous calculations whiles for others is a no-brainer! Whatever the case, it is always refreshing to see the youth returning to their roots – a typical story of the prodigal son/daughter returns. However, is it not necessary to return with the formula of success and the burden to effect change or is it okay to blend into society and conform to the status quo? The latter is always tempting but sometimes we do have to fight for what we believe in and not compromise what we have become used to and what we have been taught! Check out my new post on working together as the Generation Renaissance

Test Drive Rue 107…

2011 is all about throwing caution to the wind and taking the bold approach! Well, don’t leave your closet in the past…put a little sizzle in the drab, put a pinch of fierce in the mundane…and turn up the sex appeal a notch higher! Dare to take this challenge, well let Rue 107 be your highway to fierceness! Check out the hot young fashion designer Marie Jean Baptiste and her brainchild Rue 107 as you look for a slamming alternative for your fashion closet. Join in this fashion explosion and as Marie Jean put it herself…add some ‘BOOM’ in 2011! Check out Hot Off the Runway with Aj and take a ride on Rue 107…Highway for the Fierce & Bold…

This is to my number one…

Happy New Year and many thanks to you, my number one fan! Cheers to you for making 2010 worth while and remaining a loyal visitor of the Hot Spot! 2011 brings with it a lot of prospects for the Hot Spot and my only wish for the year is that we continue to nurture a healthy readership! What part do you play in this? Well if you enjoy the Hot Spot, its my guess that your friends would too, so lets make that connection…my part of course is to keep you entertained and you best believe, I’m all over that!

Now for a little re-introduction: during 2010 the Hot Spot went through a couple of minor changes, nevertheless it still remains the popular spot for news, views, fashion and whats hot! The Hot Spot with AJ is the overarching name for three other blogs – Blazing News & Views with AJ for (my personal rumblings on things that make you go hmmmm!), Hot off the Runway with AJ for(whats hot in fashion) and AJ’s Cupid Corner for (fun internet lounge, where we talk relationships and meet the personalities of the month).

2011 has in store some very spicy topics, intriguing themes and hot discussions! But remember Hot Spot is not only about me and what I think; lets continue to make it interactive guys. Would love to hear from you more often – your opinions, comments and even what you would like to read about! Help me entertain you! Lets make history in 2011!

All the best for 2011 and looking forward to being part of your scheduled entertainment for the year! This is for you…my number one!

All I Want for Christmas…

Oh the weather outside is frightful…but the boots are so delightful!!!  Ladies for this gift giving season, please make sure your wishlist is equipped! Join the boot revolution and remain fierce this season. A sizzle in your closet is definitely what the fashion doctor ordered this winter season. With endless selections in styles, colors, heels and appeal, don’t get left behind! Boot up and strut your stuff ! The memo is officially out – this season is all about Giving Christmas the Boot….(more)

Its that time of year again, with holiday parties, weddings, barbeques (in the warmer climates) , dinners and parties! A lot of merrymaking to usher in Christmas and the New Year! However we sometimes take for granted the importance of interactions with friends and family! The holidays are when we do gather around as family and relive or birth family traditions. Family traditions are what make the holidays so special! As we approach the festive season I would like to share with you some of my family traditions as I reminisce past Christmases. There is nothing more fun than being Home for the Holidays…more