What’s blazing this week!!!

love-or-money-2Are you still trying to figure out the meaning of love…well so am I! Visit our Blazing News n Views section and find out what I think love is and share your views on the topic. Money…What’s love gotta do with it!

Elaine FashionBS-4retouchedMeet our new Hot Seat contender…she all that and a bag of chips! She an inspiration to all. Proceed to our Hot Seat section and meet  Elaine Mensah! She might be young but she’s definitely doing big things!!! Kudos to Elaine Mensah for making this week’s Hot Seat!

Aya morrisonWe would also like to congratulate Aya Morrison on her “HOT” verdict! The “Hot or Not” Jury is out and they declared Aya Morrison’s swim wear collection the Hottest pieces on the fashion runway! Enjoy some fun in the sun with Aya Morrison and remain fierce!

Stay tuned for our next Hot or Not contender. Submit new trends and trades today and see if they are Hot or not…


Hot off the press: for this week!

Yes, we made it through another week…still bringing the heat through the news waves! For this week join us:

  • shoes 2
  • As we explore the relationship between women and their shoes under the Hot off the runway section. Guys get some insight on who the ladies in your lives really are… and ladies, be my guest and select which shoe personality you are by walking a mile in my shoes….


  • stethoscope
  • As we explore the interconnected web of healthcare and economic prosperity in Ghana today under the Blazing News & Views section. This is a charge to all young healthcare professionals in Ghana and the Diaspora to examine the ill-prepared healthcare system as we embark on the economic road to recovery. Paging all healthcare personnels…911


Kudos to the KUA girls for making “HOT” on our Hot or…Not poll last week. KUA Girls you now officially Hot Stuff on the fashion runway!

This week, our next Hot or Not contender is…Aya Morrison’s Swim Wear Collection. Proceed to the Hot or Not section to get more acquainted with the designer and her new swimwear collection and let us know what you think…HOT or NOT…

Happy reading!

Welcome to the Hot Spot …with AJ!

Looking to get informed on what’s hot on the street with news, views, fashion and entertainment…well,  then look no further!  Hot Spot with Aj is a boiling pot of what’s hot… what’s in! It gives the best of many worlds displayed in an interactive forum of discussion on various topics; guaranteed to keep you HOT. The Hot Spot is a place where you can exchange views with other intellectual heads, say what you wanna say and be creative!!!!

Like they always say…if you can’t stand the heat…stay out of the kitchen…well, I beg to differ…if you can’t stand the heat…get a cool glass of inspiration and press on!

At Hot Spot, we cater to a plethora of topics via our themed segments under our DEGREES… section.  What degree of “Hotness” can you stand:

  • Interested in general topics, news, views and entertainment? Then  proceed to our Blazing News & Views (BNV) corner by selecting the tab above or the link under the DEGREES section on the right hand column of this page. You can also navigate directly to it  by clicking the following link: http://wp.me/PCNou-j
  • Are you a fashionista and just can’t get enough of your fashion news, then I have just the thing for you… proceed to our Hot Of the Runway (HOR) corner by selecting the tab above or the link under the DEGREES section on the right hand column of this page. Again you can navigate directly to page  by clicking the following link: http://wp.me/PCNou-3
  • Under our Hot or Not…corner we will showcase talents, trends, skills…this is where you get your kicks…vote if our new featured sensation is Hot….or….Not! I mean, someone’s gotta to do it!!! Proceed to our Hot or Not corner by selecting the tab above or the link under the DEGREES section on the right hand column of this page. Click on the following link:  http://wp.me/PCNou-7 to navigate directly to page. This week get acquainted with the KUA Girls by Miss Ruby Buah and let us know what you think!
  • Our Hot Seat corner is reserved for the finest amongst us…those who have made it big or are on their way up…This is our way of recognizing the talents and hardwork of our brothas and sistas…Proceed to our Hot Seat corner by selecting the tab above or the link under the DEGREES section on the right hand column of this page. Click on the following link: http://wp.me/PCNou-5 to navigate directly to page. Meet our Hot Seat Contender this week: Miss Boakyewaa Glover .

Too hot to handle…well you aint seen nothing yet…we are bringing on the heat! Feeling hot yet…stay tuned! lol